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The Origins Of The Easter Holiday Season

Although the name “Easter” is not solidly determined as to its origin, one thing we can be certain of is that eggs and bunnies are from paganism as symbols of fertility. Although I do not endorse this video’s creator (as of yet), he has done a good job of exposing the paganism that’s incorporated into the Christian’s “holy” day. Many of us associate Easter with paganism because of its traditions of eggs and bunnies therefore, in obedience to God’s Word, we do not celebrate it. I, personally, do not even celebrate Resurrection Day as that is man-made and makes holy what God has not made holy. Every Sunday, the Lord’s Day, we should be celebrating our Beloved Savior’s resurrection, if not more often! \o/

Perverting the First Promise

Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; He will crush your head, and you will strike His heel.

This is the first promise of a Redeemer that was said to Adam and Eve. Until the Tower of Babel, and after, many satan inspired false religions tried to fulfill or abort this promise (meaning to get people to believe a lie as truth thus keeping them from the true Redeemer). This is how pagan religions began. Mother-child goddess worship is a perversion of God’s first promise of a Redeemer.

A God of Man’s Making



I recently became aware that Christian churches are and have been sponsoring helicopter egg drops during the Easter season. A helicopter flies over a designated area and drops up to 10,000 plastic candy filled eggs from the sky at local community events. After, or as the eggs drop, not sure which, children run out on the grounds picking them up. If you look on YouTube and can see it for yourself.

It grieves me that pastors encourage the association of bunnies, eggs and candy with Jesus. Have they forgotten that God is a holy God and that He is dishonored by such associations. It grieves me that pastors do the whole Easter thing, including Good Friday. Our born again churches and pastors have become followers of Rome. Pastors have such a strong influence over the sheep. Too much influence. We have made our pastors Protestant Popes. Are egg drops and…

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Obedience is Worship

You know—it’s not what it means to me. I live in a fallen world, and I am of the sinful nature so why, oh why, would I take my own word or belief and think it to be truth or fact? Simple question, isn’t it? GOD has given us something to know exactly what needs to be done-it guides us because we cannot be trusted to think right for ourselves–because of our sin nature. The WORD condemns any and all pagan rituals. Whether you believe it or not. GOD by HIS very nature cannot, and will not, accept your worship of HIM in those pagan ways–won’t happen no matter how much you believe you are honoring or worshiping HIM. Eggs and bunnies have NOTHING to do with the Resurrection of JESUS. In fact, they are VERY dangerous for any believer to even consider touching. Rev. 3:10 tells us that since we were faithful, we will be kept from THAT time (the most horrible time on earth). We are not faithful when we use pagan rituals or things in our attempt to worship GOD. In fact, that is called Unfaithful. As for me and my house we will refrain from ALL pagan rituals at any time of the year and give thanks that HE died on the cross for our sins because there was no way we could. HIS resurrection proves who HE really was and is and is to come– Read 2 Kings 17:14-15–you will see that gentile Christians (or so called) are just as stiff necked as the Jews— ~ Dan Allnut

Wake Up!

Concerning Easter…

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Long article but very thorough~

FTA: This is a very common theme seen in a bunch of mainstream websites concerning Easter; they simply refuse to be sanctified from the world. There is very little written on the subject from most of the preachers and evangelists I investigated, and they all seem to point back to the same leavened sources that use fallacious arguments in a pathetic attempt to justify their pagan tradition.

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